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Deck them out with this excellent advertising gift! The Custom Skateboard Decks are constructed of prime Canadian maple for added strength and measure 31.75' x 8'. With full color graphics imprinted on the bottom and grip tape applied, your promotion will shred the competition with its sharp detail for an incredible and memorable giveaway. Place this premium skateboard base on the feet of those who will ride you around town for a rolling billboard sure to help your reach new customers. What a fun way to showcase your brand!
$27.714 and up
Help them get a grip with your great gift! The Custom Skateboard Grip Tape stretches 9" x 33", is made from silicone carbide and can come with a full-color digital print to showcase your brand where all the action is. Skaters have been using this sticky essential for staying on their boards and your brand will get the kind of exposure you want when they are around town or at area skate parks. Not just for boarders though, this gripper can attach to any smooth surface and benefit all your customers to provide traction anywhere slipping is a concern. Stick it to the competition with this sensible selection!
$4.01 and up
Push customers in your direction with this unique giveaway! The Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board is made from PVC, comes in assorted colorful options and measures 10.6' L x 32" W x 6" H for the beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts in and around your office. Each of these imprintable gifts provides stow and go convenience with excellent rigidity and performance that will please experienced paddlers. It includes an aluminum shaft paddle, fins, hand bump and back. Outdoor events, boat shows and corporate sponsorship events are great opportunities to share this sporty promotion and reach a new clientele. Pump up your brand with this advertising item!
$842.857 and up
Weather the storm with this wonderful advertising addition! The Snowboard and Ski Wax Scraper - Premium .177 Thick measures 2.36" wide x 5.9" long x .177" thick and has a wide range of imprint options to display. Tune up their snow toys with this clear-colored wax remover, which meets all of your branding needs when the snow flies and showcases your business trademark or logo. This essential is great for ski resorts or hotels near the slopes to promote your name and spread your message. Climb the mountain toward success with this customizable gift!
$2.49 and up
Get the edge on your competition with this surfing accessory! The Bamboo Surf Comb measures 3.9" x 3", has a decorative wood design and comes laser engraved to market your brand among surfers in your community. Use the teeth to create textured grooves for improved wax, the straight edge for scraping off unwanted wax and the rounded edge for ease of motion and application. Clients will bring you along to the beach or anywhere they plan to surf as a way to enhance their outdoor experience. Surf's up, and so is your exposure, with this advertising addition!
$3.31 and up
It'll be all uphill for your brand with this downhill giveaway! The Hand Made All Mountain Skis come from a wood core, a lighter polymer top sheet and graphics fused for an excellent promotional product. Decide for yourself the user specifications and custom graphics from top to bottom with a heat transfer imprint on the wooded wonder. Make this a premium incentive for your best-selling employees and top-shelf customers as a way to say thank you for their hard work. Climb the mountain all the way to the top with this promotion!
$656.81 and up
Get your marketing campaign headed in the right direction with this wearable gear! The Fleece Ear Warmer has a 20" diameter and is made of polyester/fleece for a one-size-fits-all comfortable cover for clients' exercising and travelling needs. Add a full-color sublimation imprint and customize this handout to meet your promotional goals for celebrating an anniversary, opening or special event at your location. Your gift will give customers and employees a chance to get the wind out of their hair while keeping them comfortable for morning runs or outdoor events and sharing your logo or brand wherever they go. Fight off the cold weather with this stylish head cover!
$11.22 and up
Keep them safe with this sensible selection! The Premium Athletic Pads come as a set to protect their elbow, knee and wrist from a fall during their outdoor activities. Each pad in the set comes individually branded to highlight your name or logo and comes on a drawstring mesh for carrying these safeguards around for easy transport. The rollerbladers, skateboarders and cyclists in your client and office will be a little better protected with your promotional pickup. Ride or roll around in style when your business goes the extra mile!
$21.23 and up
Ride the wave of success with this super surfing accessory! This Surfboard Wax measures 3" x 3/4" and helps with grip and balance when applied to the top of surfer's boards. Each circular dish comes neatly shrink-wrapped with a usable custom vinyl decal, which can come silkscreened or four-color digitally printed. Slap the decals on the bottom for long-term branding to share your message every time they head to the beach for a thrill-seeking adventure. Reach far and wide with this giveaway by their side!
$2.02 and up
Protect your head while climbing with an adjustable climbing helmet. ITW buckle and ABS hard outer shell with an EPS+ cool pad. Internal foam structure, rear head lock system and PA straps are adjustable.
Here's an advertising tool that will make a difference for your customers! The Snowboard Ratchet Set measures 3.75" x 3.25", is made of polycarbonate and works in a pinch to tighten loose binding screws and others parts for their day on the slopes. Choose to customize this item, which would come with a pad print of your logo or trademark, while giving them a pocket gadget that can fix most of their quick repair needs. Folks who snowboard and ski will thank you for this handy helper to keep the fun going while they're on the hill. Tighten up their loyalty with this essential addition!
$6.09 and up
Stand up and show off your next advertising attraction! The Stand Up Paddle Board measures 11' L x 32" W x 4.75" H, is made from fiberglass-foam and comes with the option to customize your promotion to meet your business display needs. Available in limited color choices, you can spark interest in your company with a full color digital graphics to imprint your message while they take on rivers, lakes and ocean waters for a fun day out in the water. With carbon-composite sculpted fins, one-piece traction pad, three-layer fiberglass top and two-layer bottom, this American-made product will be the fancied by your top customers and employees. Paddle upstream with this water-sport wonder!
$1162.79 and up
Hold on tight for this marketing campaign! The Snowboard Stomp Pad - Domestic is made from PVC, measures 6" in diameter and comes with a full-color digital print and adhesive to decorate and secure it on recipients' snowboards. Each of these stickables comes with a 5" imprint area, making this two-sided attachment a perfect way to get your trademark or branding noticed when they take the slopes on vacation or just a quick daytrip up the mountain. Outdoor sports tradeshows or community events will help you find the new clients and customers you seek with this necessary pickup. Give them a great grip for your next giveaway!
$9.23 and up
Don't keep a lid on this excellent item! The Snowboard/Ski Wax in Snap Lid Container comes in limited color options, measures 2.5" x 1.25" and gives the winter athletes in your or office an essential gift for a steady glide when they slide down the mountain. Each piece of wax is stored in its own reusable canister with a snap-on top and can come decorated in up to four colors for the decal on the lid. Promote your company when they apply this on the bottom of the board or ski as they ride up the lift to the top of the hill and carry your company name in and out of the lodge. Take a chance on this smooth selection!
$3.46 and up
Round out your next gnarly advertising plan! The Skateboard Curb Wax comes in a 3" x 3/4" circle of premium wax that is applied to curbs and ledges to reduce friction and comes with an enclosed usable vinyl decal. Customize your brand on their board when you apply the silkscreen or four-color decal on the bottom of the skate deck for a continued and long-term promotion of your company. Find your target audience when you pass it out at places skaters congregate, such as skate parks, sporting goods stores and X-Games type competitions. Find rarified air with this fantastic freebie!
$2.02 and up
Lock up clients' stuff and they won't be able to thank you enough! The Snowboard and Ski Lock is a 2.75" x 2" 3-digit combination lock that secures their snowboards and skis when they go inside for a quick warm-up between rides. Built from ABS plastic, this gift comes with your own customization, using a pad print imprint to slap your name or brand on the outside in one color and one location. Provide peace of mind with the easy set-up and adjustable security system. Useful for more than just winter sports, customers and employees will appreciate this handout, which clicks into place simply and keeps items safe. Make this safety solution your next advertising item!
$4.49 and up
Keep clients' fun day going with this handy handout! The Multifunctional Ratchet Snowboard and Ski Tool comes in black, is made of polycarbonate and measures 4.75" x 2" x 1.25" for a convenient pocket tool. Complete your terrific promotion when you choose the optional imprint, which comes in one color on the black background to really make your logo or branding stand out. Not just for skiers, this ratchet tool can tighten screws for skiing, snowboarding or work for auto and home repairs as well. Show them they can rely on your business with this fantastic fixer!
$6.35 and up
Here's a gift that'll stick with potential clients! The Snowboard Stomp Pad is an essential part of snowboarding, whether it's getting off the chair lift or securing their back foot when they are detached from the board. Make this giveaway your own with a customizable full color digital print to decorate their gear while keeping them safe for each ride up the hill. Avid snowboarders will want to have you along for the ride with this securing safety attachment mounted between the bindings. Shred down the mountain with this wonderful winter gift!
$7.48 and up
These skateboard accessories will advertise your brand 'wheelie' well! These Custom Skateboard Wheels ramp up the design of their cool roller with these fully customized additions that will get their friends talking about your promotional giveaway. Skaters of all ages can use the 55MM wheels to race down the street in style with your optional pad-printed imprint showcased on the side. Teens and avid skateboarders will clamor to add these to their collection or place this as a present at local shops or X-Games type competitions. Reach a new audience with this alternative addition!
$11.09 and up
Get your marketing plan over the hump to reach success! The Surf Wax Comb with Bottle Opener is constructed of ABS plastic, measures 4.25" L x 2" W and comes with textured grooves for improving the traction of the wax and a straight edge for scraping off old wax. Place your pad printed graphics on the surfing combo tool to make a good impression. It can also will crack open their bottles or cans while they spend the day at the beach. Water sports expos or surf shops will help you get this gift in the hands of your target audience for a memorable giveaway that meets their needs!
$2.00 and up
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